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Going strong with the training program but had a little surprise on Week 5, Day 2 of training.  I checked to see what was expected of Day 3.  The app (couch25K) is INSANE!!  They expect me to run for 20 minutes with no walking breaks.  First thing that went through my head was NO FREAKING WAY!!  I barely made it through 2×8 min runs with a 5 minute walk and now they expect me to run for 20 minutes with no breaks…it’s only week 5!

Sunday morning, the alarm went off at 7:30 am and I could not motivate myself to get out of bed to do the 20 minute run.  I knew I had to meet my friend for breakfast before going to the soccer tournament and decided that sleep was preferable to sweat.  In the end, it turned out that the decision was a great one but I felt a little guilty at the time.

Sunday evening is always dinner with the family at my parents…it’s the Italian way.  As we were sitting and eating, my sister in law asked me how the training was going.  I talked about my adventures and the fact that the training was going really well.  My oldest niece asked me about the app because she was feeling bad about not working out all summer.  She said she felt that she was out of shape and was worried because she signed up for gym class and they had to do a 5k run.  We started talking about training and then I showed her the app.  She downloaded the app and then we started talking about how it worked.  She wandered off to figure it out and went to sit with my Mom and Sister in Law on the back porch.

A little while later she came to talk to me about it some more.  I mentioned that she could come out with me for my training run on Monday night if she wanted to see how the app worked.  She agreed to join me and I let her know that it was a 20 min run.  She got a little nervous but said that she wanted to do it.  YAY!!

Monday night I went to her place so we could map out the route for the training.  I was so glad she was there to motivate me.  We started out at a slower but steady pace and stayed with each other through the whole thing.  At the half way point, I announced we were half way.  We were both shocked and laughed.  I realized I was feeling really good. My lungs weren’t sore and my legs felt like they were moving on their own.  I figured this must be the beginning of “runner high”.  When we were done, we did a high 5!  She was so proud of herself for finishing it and so was I!!  She also insisted on doing a selfie and posting it on Facebook.  LOL

While we were walking back she told me she wanted to do the training with her friend who suffers from depression.  She thought it would be a great way to help her feel better about herself and keep each other motivated.  As she was telling me this…I felt my heart swell.  This is the reason I created Core Magnificence…and the reason I was doing this run…to inspire and motivate others.

She has no idea what she did for me tonight.  I am so grateful!

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