To Jog, or not to Jog…That is the Question..

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Any exercise is better than laying on the couch!!  Recently I was asked by a friend of mine and fellow blogger Carrie Hamer-Jonkhout to join her on a 5Km jog through the Toronto Zoo.    I have never been a jogger, preferring to rollerblade or hike over jogging for aerobic exercise.  However, always up for a challenge, I agreed to start the 8 week training program called Couch to 5K also known as app C25K.

Since I was going to do this, I decided to research the benefits of jogging to help motivate myself even further.  I was pleasantly surprised by what I found out!

Here are a few ways that jogging helps with your Mind, Body and Spirit!!


  1. Cardiovascular strengthening. Jogging helps to keep high blood pressure at bay.  This is known as the silent killer because there are no physical signs of a problem.  By reducing the bad cholesterol in your blood, you reduce the possibility of hypertension, hemorrhaging, atherosclerosis and aneurysms.  Studies have shown that regular running can cut your risk of heart disease by 50 per cent and, over time, it will strengthen the cardiovascular system, improving circulation and enabling your heart and lungs to work more efficiently.
  2. Disease Prevention. Jogging strengthens the immune system through helping to promote the stimulation ofbacteria fighting cells and lymphocytes that fight infections. Having these cells circulate systemically helps boost over-all immunity to stave off several infectious diseases, such as the common cold and flu which are viral diseases, and some bacterial infections.  Jogging also helps control and prevent diabetes through reducing your weight and forcing you to move.
  3. Bone Strengthening. According to the National Osteoporosis Society, the weight-bearing effect of running makes it one of the best bone-strengthening activities around. Therefore, contrary to what you may hear, as long as you wear the proper shoes and use the right technique, jogging will actually strengthen your bones instead of weakening them.


  1. Stress Relief. Jogging is very helpful when it comes to fighting stress. It helps put you in a more peaceful state of mind and helps promote an upbeat attitude. The repeated pounding of your feet on the treadmill or pavement gives allows you to shut out the world and just be alone with your thoughts. This can be a very soothing feeling, shutting out stressors while we are immersed in the joy of running. It also affords us the solitude to sort out some of our daily concerns with less distraction.
  2. Clarity of Mind. Running releases hormones called endorphins which make you feel good and gives you the confidence to take on any challenge.  You are able to think more clearly and solve problems more easily.



Regular exercise, will increase your mood and make you positive.  Positive energy will attract abundance.  You become a magnet for positive change. People are happier when they are around you and will be drawn to you. You seem to draw out the cooperation and good will of others.

The benefits of jogging are spreading out from you, the center of your universe. To that degree, you are influencing our world and reconnecting with your core magnificence.

Stay tuned for more blogs on my training journey!



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