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Guest Post: Christopher Windover, Owner Natural Fitness

The human body is eighty percent liquid.  Many positive effects of water are known to most people but it’s worth another mention in this blog. A good rule of thumb is to drink the equivalent of half your body weight (pounds) in ounces per day.  So if you weigh two hundred pounds, you should aim to drink one hundred ounces of water or twelve glasses of water per day.  Water is essential in preventing dehydration.  Severe dehydration, defined as fluid loss of more than 1% in body weight. If this occurs there are several symptoms which can arise, including low blood pressure, loss of consciousness, severe cramping throughout the body (most notably arms, legs, back and stomach), convulsions, heart failure, sunken eyes, reduced elasticity of the skin, and deep, rapid breathing.

Water helps to cleanse the body.  It is beneficial to both the liver and the kidneys.  It is important that the liver has the ability to metabolize fat in the body.  If the kidneys are not functioning properly due to lack of water, the liver has to work harder to remove toxins from the body.  If the liver is focused on removing toxins, it can’t metabolize fats effectively.

Another benefit is that water helps in allowing oxygen to pass through the walls of the lungs into the bloodstream because the walls of the lungs, more specifically the alveolar sacs, need to be moist, hence the necessity for proper hydration.  Following this exchange of oxygen and gases into the bloodstream, oxygen-rich blood helps the body to heal.  Many athletes, after being damaged by playing sport, or by the rigorous training they undergo to prepare for their sport, utilize such tools as hyperbaric chambers which is essentially a room in which the air is incredibly oxygen-rich which helps to quickly heal muscles, tendons, ligaments and multiple other tissues within the body.

There is also a large correlation between good hydration and cognitive benefits. Many studies have proven that hydration also affects balance, moods and emotions, as well as strength capabilities, digestion, circulation, and all other systems within the body.

Water is key in maintaining healthy body temperature by helping the body to resist great fluctuations in temperature because water is known to be a “high specific heat” which means that it is resistant to temperature change.  Water also enables the body to cool down and resist overheating in high temperatures or during physical exertion through the evaporation of water in the form of sweat.  This brings us to homeostasis which is the regulation of body fluids.

Water is also essential in protecting the body as it acts as a lubricant. Tears, for example, which are produced by the lacrimal glands, prevent the surface of the eye from rubbing against the inside of the eyelid.  Water acts as a cushion within joints and between organs in protecting them from trauma such as in the cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds the brain.

Help your body out…Drink plenty of water every day!!


About the Author

Christopher Windover is the sole proprietor of Natural Fitness. He has been a Personal Training Specialist for 10 years and has acquired multiple certifications (Sport Balance levels 1 and 2, Sport Movement levels 1 and 2, and Sport Strength levels 1 and 2) through training under the tutelage of former strength and conditioning coach of the Vancouver Canucks, Peter Twist.

Christopher has also studied Holistic Health and corrective measures and has served as a strength and performance coach to hundreds of individuals and athletes in many sports such as Hockey, Rugby, Boxing, Golfing, Figure Skating, Baseball, Gymnastics, Basketball, Football and Lacrosse.

Christopher resides in Guelph, Ontario and is always open to working with new people and athletes from ages 5 and up to reach and exceed goals of athleticism, mobility, corrective exercise, power, strength, speed, agility, weight loss, and longevity.  He can be contacted at natural.fit@hotmail.com or via phone at 519 277 1880.


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