Abundance comes from Within!!

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In the past few months on my journey of self discovery, I have learned quite a few things about myself and as a result have been able to release hurt and pain from the past that was holding me back from an abundant future.

One of the key lessons from numerous teachers along this path, has been this…

The Universe provides us with energy that flows into and out of our bodies. It is up to us to take this energy and use it for positive aims instead of negative ones.

Seems like a simple concept but for many it is very difficult to comprehend. I too had issues with this concept until I started to breathe, trust and let go.  I have watched my family, friends and coworkers all let the outside world determine their emotions, thoughts and behaviour. I constantly hear people saying “If only…”or “What if..” Limitations are placed on each of us by our own doing. WE create the shackles that tie us down..NO ONE ELSE!

It’s time to break free of those shackles and realize that only YOU have the power to change your thinking, emotions and behaviour. The affirmation that I use everyday is this:
                                                                                       “I am the Magnificent Creator of Positive Abundance in my Life.”

Read the affirmation out loud, repeat it everyday. You will believe it and your life will start to change. It won’t happen overnight, I’m still learning but I find that when I am not feeling good, I don’t blame others anymore. Instead I go inward to search for the cause of this negative feeling and work to resolve it. When you take responsibility for yourself, everything else falls away. You become responsible for your happiness and success because it comes from within. It can’t be taken away from you because it comes from you. Think about that for a bit…it’s powerful and life changing.

You are MAGNIFICENT!      


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