Spring Cleaning…Time to Let it Go!

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Every spring, I feel the urge to purge.  I rummage through my drawers, closets and den in order to clear out the old and make way for the new.  As I pick up clothes, books, papers and yes even shoes; I ask myself a few questions:


  1.  Does it make me happy to hold it? If the answer is NO then into the bag it goes.
  2.  Have I worn it or am I holding onto it because of sentimental value or the dreaded “I may wear it one day”?  If it is sentimental than I ask myself if the memory is enough and then let it go.  If I am not ready to let it go, I put it in the keep pile.  If it’s the “I may wear it one day” answer and I haven’t worn it in the past year…out it goes.
  3.  If it’s paper, I determine if I have it on the computer or can find it on the internet.  If the answer is yes, shred it!  Books that I have read and don’t need to read again are either kept for the book exchange group or donated to someone who will enjoy them.


As items are put in the donate bag or the garbage bag, I feel my spirit lighten.  It’s very true what they say about spring cleaning improving your mood, decreasing stress levels and increasing creativity.


While de-cluttering your space, you should also consider de-cluttering your mind.  Remove the negative thoughts that no longer serve you and make way for positive thoughts to break through.  As I was removing old items from my space, I found that I was able to make peace with my past and let it all go.  I had a few AHA moments regarding past relationships and felt such inner peace at the end of the weekend cleaning spree.


This picture says it all….



If you haven’t started your spring clean…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??  Get to it!!


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    This is great i love the list !!

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