Meditation…Not just about OHM’s anymore

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Meditation is the process of quieting the mind and connecting with the infinite energy that surrounds you and flows through you.  Through meditation you will learn to find peace, happiness and positivity in your life.  There are many studies that demonstrate the positive health effects of regular meditation from the reduction in stress that you allow in your life.  Before I started to meditate, my blood pressure was high and my tolerance levels were low.  After meditating twice a week for six weeks, my blood pressure dropped significantly and my tolerance for stressors in life increased.  I have been able to stay centered and when I find myself feeling overwhelmed, I can easily bring myself back to a place of calmness.

This feeling of calmness and being centered did not happen over night.  It took time and patience with myself.  When you first begin to meditate, your mind will be very busy, and it will feel like your thoughts are coming more frequently.  The reality is that you are just becoming more aware of how many thoughts you have in a minute.  As these thoughts come up, your first instinct is to follow them and engage in them.  This will not serve you in the end, you need to observe the thoughts and then let them go.  If you notice that you have engaged in thoughts, you need to peacefully disengage and return to focusing on your breath.  Repeat this as many times as necessary until the mind settles on the breath.

Eventually all distracting thoughts will subside and a feeling of inner peace and relaxation will come over you and you will feel refreshed.  This feeling of contentment and well-being will aid in all areas of your life.  Situations that were previously considered stressful, will be easier to handle and will not affect you in the same way.  Your interactions with others will be warmer and deeper as you are able to connect with the positive energy of others in your life.

This positive vibration will attract more positivity into your life.  The reduction in stress levels will improve your sleep patterns and bring your cortisol levels back in line.  You will find that your body and mind will be healthier as a result of this connection with your spiritual self.

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  1. Craig D
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    As I tend to let my mind wander and become my own worst enemy, this was extremely helpful! Thank you!! What meant a lot to me was what you shared of your own experience and how you described what I might start to experience as I start my own meditation process. This was very inspirational. I look forward to how it will affect my outlook on life and general health!

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