My Year of Personal Growth and Awareness

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Happy Birthday to me!  Every year on my birthday I reflect on the year that has passed and set new intentions for the coming year.  I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions because I wasn’t born on New Year’s.  I came into this world on my birthday and to me that is when the New Year begins.

If anyone had told me last year while blowing out the candle on my cupcake that I would be where I am today and go through such personal growth and awareness; I never would have believed them.  Last year at this time I was so lost and confused.  I knew I wanted more out of life but didn’t know what to do in order to get it.  I have always believed that everything happens for a reason and this past year that was reinforced for me over and over again.

It all started when I signed up for the Thinking into Results Program with the Proctor Gallagher Institute because I wanted to understand what was going on with a person that I cared about.  I always seek to understand before trying to be understood and that has saved me a lot of grief.  The reality is that by learning more about myself and understanding who I am, I have been able to expand my knowledge of others.  As a result my relationships have developed into deep, meaningful ones that motivate growth and a deeper understanding of the laws of the universe.

Here are a few of the accomplishments and lessons that I have learned over the past year:

  1. The mind is a powerful tool. Studying the laws of the universe and Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, I have developed a deeper understanding of the power of the mind.  You become what you think about all the time and as a result will manifest what you desire whether it be good or bad.  I have also learned that a burning desire backed by faith and the persistence to keep moving forward will lead you where you need to go.  It may not manifest in the way you imagined but it will come when the time is right.
  2. Take time to meditate and be silent with your thoughts. Allow all the feelings to come up and deal with them as they do.  I took time away from life for 1 week and disconnected at a retreat where I learned to meditate and be in the silence.  I would fear silence and avoid it all costs because I did not want to deal with the feelings and memories buried deep.  During this retreat, I was able to release the pain, hurt and anger that I carried with me from my childhood.  I was able to learn how to find enjoyment and comfort in the silence.  I was able to find inner peace.
  3. I learned about internet marketing and created landing pages for two difference websites. Inbox Goddess was created as an email marketing company that promoted weight management/loss through exercise and healthy eating.  I was able to make money doing it while helping others to improve their lives.  While at the retreat, I came up with the idea of Core Magnificence that helps people reconnect with their true selves through the alignment of body, mind and spirit.  I created a website for blogs and the free month of magnificent motivation program.  Sign up HERE if you would like to receive it.
  4. I have learned how to give and receive love unconditionally.
  5. I have learned to trust my intuition. My inner voice is on my side.
  6. I purchased my first income property. I was able to close on it, renovate and rent it out within 6 weeks.  I now am the owner of two properties.  I was also able to move up in my current place of business by stepping up and offering to take on more responsibility.  I received a substantial increase in salary that I was not expecting.
  7. I was able to motivate myself and others while training for and completing a 5 km run. As someone who doesn’t normally jog, it was quite the accomplishment for me.
  8. I have grown my circle of friends. My relationships are deep and meaningful with loving, supportive people who motivate me and inspire growth.  These people have been instrumental in my personal growth in various different ways.  You know who you are and I am so grateful that you are all in my life.
  9. I have started working on a new book that I have wanted to write for the last 3 years.

WOW!!  All of this has brought me new awareness of the power that flows to and through me from the universe.  I have become more centered and grounded regarding who I am and am working towards my purpose every day.

I have learned that my happiness is not dependent on others but on me.  I am the magnificent creator of positive abundance in my life.  Life is magnificent and so am I!!

I cannot wait to see what adventures and increased understanding await me in the year to come.  I am excited about living in the present moment with the knowledge that I am where I am meant to be in this moment.  Only good is coming my way.

Happy New Year to me!!

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