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Guest Post by Laura Romita

I guess you could say that I’ve been spiritual my whole life. Since I was a young child growing up in Ireland I was told I was very advanced for my age. I was walking, talking and fully potty trained before the age of two, and not just words but full conversations with my family and our neighbors. My aunt says that back in Ireland on the Shanckle Road where we lived our neighbors across the way used to drink a lot and fight every night. Isn’t that the normal in Ireland lol ? Or as the Irish people say typical back home behavior.

One Saturday night I was standing on my little bed, which was underneath a window, which faced my next door neighbors house. Trish and Derek were quarreling again and I called to my mom, my aunt and my nana to come into my bedroom. As they all came into my room the conversation went like this as per the urban legend…..
My Nana:  What’s wrong love?
My Mom:   Laura get off the bed you are going to fall
My Aunt:     Can you believe that they are at it again?
Me:             Now that’s a carry on bee jesus
Everyone stopped,looked at the other and burst out laughing. I on the other hand had no idea what was so funny, but I laughed anyways . I guess this was the beginning of me entertaining my family with my dynamic personality and wit.  The most comical part of all was when  they told the neighbors. They all laughed so hard they had tears running down their faces. It became quite the story considering I was only two years old at the time.

After my great grannie died I remember feeling sad, but also feeling all the emotions of my family at the same time  which was very confusing for me because I was just four years old at the time. I had no idea what was going on but I realize now that it was the beginning stages of me realizing I was an empath.  My great grannie would come to visit me and we would have tea parties, play dolls and chat for hours.  One day my Nana overheard me talking and said “Who are you talking to?” I replied Toots…..  My Nana’s face went completely white. That was a pet name between the two of them. She called her that name but I don’t recall ever hearing her use it. She then told me it was all in my head and my great grannie is in heaven, I said no she isn’t she’s right beside you. I thought she was going to pass out.

What makes this such a pivotal point is that I was raised in a Christian home and my Nana was a very religious person. We went to church every Sunday, read the bible daily, said prayers every night before bed and you went to heaven or hell when you died, that’s it. There was no such thing as spirits coming back to our realm.  But I saw and talked with my grannie all the time, and I could see and feel things that other people didn’t, but I wasn’t aware that this was not normal because I didn’t tell anyone what was going on till I started kindergarten.  I had made a friend and we were playing one day at my house having a tea party and I told her that my grannie was with us and that she’s always watching over me. I also told her about a situation where her and her brother had had an argument and how much it upset her. She had not said a word to me about this. She gave me a really weird look,  laughed at me, and said we couldn’t be friends anymore because I was weird. I started to cry and she called me a sissy and went home.  After that day my whole life changed as I knew it. The girl went to school and told all the kids my secret and I was the weirdo no one wanted to play with.

During this time I also had to get glasses for distance which didn’t help my self esteem that was already declining. It became so bad that I started withdrawing from people more and more and began delving into books. I became an extremely smart scholar who when necessary  talked to angels ,guides, spirits and dead people.  I never realized till after years of therapy, alcohol, drugs and counseling that I was not crazy, just gifted.  I became involved in witchcraft and paganism as a way to release some of my dark emotions because I already knew that I was a light worker  and needed to learn to balance while practicing the craft. I realized that my true path was and always has been to help people as I am a care taker and a chariot. So I stopped using my power for dark and light, and focused only on the light side of things. That transition made me realize that I needed to do self care.  In order to do that I had to accept and understand who and what I was.
After many years of research and good, bad and indifferent experiences I learned that I wasn’t crazy but a gifted Empath. What a relief and a problem that is for me.  I can hear, feel,and experience other people’s inner most feelings just by being around them or in their vibration/energy field. I could see and hear dead people , and I work with angels, guides and spirits. I feel blessed and cursed all at once. After more research and training  and by working with different people in the metaphysical field I’ve learned so many techniques and ways to help others and myself. I also have learned many different tools to help me from becoming spiritually saturated.  There is nothing worse than absorbing energy negative or positive, or vibrations and hearing different voices in your head and signs all around you at the same time. It’s like being on a ferris wheel and a tilt a whirl when they collide. It can be very overwhelming and exhausting.

I am so grateful for my gifts and all the times that I have connected and helped so many people. But at the end of the day it has taken me years to finally accept who I am and why I am here.  Now I am on my path following my Divine Life Purpose, working towards developing my own program for children. My program is designed to help them be their best selves and to realize that  they can achieve all their goals and dreams from a young age so they don’t have to struggle like I did growing up. There are so many gifted children in the world who are just misunderstood kids with so much energy that are vibrating at such a high frequency that they don’t know what to do with this amazing power so they generally run from it, or try to be something or someone they are not by using drugs, alcohol and other ways to hide from the truth which is them and their amazing gifts.

I’m so grateful that I am able to work with these kids and possibly prevent them from a life of chaos like I had.  Spirituality comes in many shapes and sizes and we all have our own coping mechanisms. I only wish I could have had all the knowledge that I do now back when I was a small child. They say life can only  be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards. I truly do believe that. In retrospect, I don’t think I would change anything because I have learned many lessons and will learn many more.  Each and every day I am so happy and grateful for all the amazing people in my life and all the love that surrounds me. I’m blessed in so many ways and I live a prosperous, abundant, happy, life.
Allow yourself to forgive and move forward in love.
Accept yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.
Ask, believe and receive.
The Universe will always provide for us in the time we are ready and supposed to receive it. Life is beautiful we just need to embrace it. Love and light to all……
Namaste xoxo


  1. Craig D
    | Reply

    Really enjoyed your sincerity here Laura! Especially recounting special moments in you life! I believe you will help out lots of children with your great program. Be you 100% and they will love you!

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